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Town Major : Raymond Soucaret

2 rue Porte du Puits



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His history:

Home of notable constructed in the 18th century probably for the family Dupin de Belloc. It is divided and sold by Pierre Dupin de Belloc in 1831. A part of the home, as well as the neighbouring home, are bought by the village in 1846 to instal in it the city council, the ancient located community house near the door of Larque, undoubtedly in
l' ancient chateau, being too much degradée.
A part of the building is rented in post office in 1885. The staircase has a ramp accomplished by Planting, iron craftsman in Francescas in the turn of the 19th and of the 20th century, according to oral tradition (restored).
To the left by entering the site of the current meeting room, there was a room of justice of peace or courtroom, it was dressed in very nice woodworks, which as well as the furniture (podium, bar and seats), having suffered during the fire of 1956 disappeared, also for the furniture of the big room of the floor (big glass-fronted bookcase), which contained yhe now missing archives missing, unfortunaltely destroyed during the disaster.
The room of justice of peace was the last trace of a jurisdiction Franciscan.
In the right part , who had a direct entrance on the street, who had acted successively as Post office, then the accommodation for Baqieu, a rural factor, sheltered the school of music.



Francescas and his town majors:

1793-1794 Pierre Vivent 1881-1882 Germain Balleton
1794-1798 Jacques Lartiques 1882-1883 Henri Clarin
1798-1803 Bernard Vivent 1883-1888 Jean Justin Corne
1803-1808 Pierre Dupin 1888-1892 Jacques Besse
1808-1805 Louis Come Clairin 1892-1900 Pierre Trauquessegues
1815 Joseph Gabiolle 1900-1904 Mathieu Besse
1815 Louis Come Clairin 1904-1904 Paul Labadie
1815-1818 Alexandre Bigos 1904-1906 Victor Labadie
1818-1823 Pierre Vivent 1906-1925 Armand Mène
1823-1830 Come P.Marie Clairin 1925-1929 Louis Broc
1830-1833 J.M.Joseph Gabiolle 1929-1935 Augustin Denux
1833-1835 Lucien Dubroca 1935-1941 Alfred Bachère
1935-1837 Auguste Victor Vivent 1941-1944 René Darbon
1837-1843 Lucien Bernard Dubroca 1944-1947 Daniel Laborde
1843-1844 Come P.Marie Clairin 1947-1968 René Bousquet
1844-1848 Joseph Lassoujade depuis 1968 Raymond Soucaret
1848-1852 Come P.Marie Clairin    
1852-1858 Antoine Bazignan    
1858-1865 Pierre Soucaret    
1865-1881 Jean Justin Corne    


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