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Dovecotes (columbarium)


The complete story of this remarkable bird has been much obscured by the age-long confusion between the terms ‘pigeon’ and ‘dove’, both of which are still used loosely and are interchangeable today. In general, ‘dove’ is traditionally reserved for use in the aesthetic contexts of religion, literature and art, and ‘pigeon’ for much more mundane matters, such as sport, fancy breeds and culinary use.

One of the earliest tame pigeons belonged to the Greek poet Anacreon, who lived more than 2000 years ago. In a poem, describing the bird’s flight as a messenger carrying a love-letter to the poet’s lover, we read that, at home, it drank from his cup, ate from his hand, flew around the house and slept on his lyre. A later account comes from the 1st century Jewish philosopher Philo, who noted, on a visit to Ascalon, that the pigeon had become ‘very bold and impudent’ on the domestic scene due to religious protection.

The earliest history of the pigeon dates back to a remote time in antiquity when primitive man worshipped the all-powerful Mother Goddess with whom the bird was inextricably linked. The symbolic bond between them stemmed primarily from the pigeon’s exceptional fecundity, but may have been allied with the curious tenderness of its courtship behaviour. The archaeological discovery of lifelike pigeon images beside the figurines of the goddess, dating from the Bronze Age (2400-1500 BC) in Sumerian Mesopotamia, confirms these ancient roots........read more

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pigeonnier prive

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collection : 15 found ; 1 studied
epoch of construction : 17th century; 18th century ; 19th century
hist : dovecotes of 17th century, 18th century, 19th century.
Dates found: 1716 ou 1718, 1759.



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