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windmill Viaumont in francescas entrance of the windmill

Mill of Viaumont:

This windmill built on a clod, at the foot of which stretches a rectangular deck to the east: the site must have been occupied by a castrale clod before the building of the mill. It's a mill tower, with mechanisms and millstones in advanced standings, living room in ground floor. Both lower levels are in white limestone, and can date from the 16th or of the 17th century, the last level is in grey limestone, and was built in the 18th century. Millstones were deposited; the cover was re-builded.

roof structure door in the rear

Water Mill of Biamont

lieu-dit : Biamont
The stone part of size, in the north, is anterior to the 18th century.
The water mill and its dependances were constructed in end of the 18th or in the beginning of the 19th century.To the mill was added a floor in the 19th century.
description: Mill constructs partly stone of size, partly in stone, covered in croup; dependances in stone, covered in croup.
propriete privée

mill of biamontmill ofe biamont

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