museum of francescas

The museum of the white iron boxes:
The museum is located in a house, which was renovated in the XXth century, but it kept the facades of origin, these dated of 1576.
Rez-de-chaussées was occupied by porticos or place settings overlooking the central place of Francescas, according to the land register of 1842.
A floor of roof space was added.
The door ofthe corner repainted is dated of 1576 on the sand quarry of the floor.
This house, in poor condition, was bought in 1990 by the city council.
All the 3 united houses were then restored.
The Town council, with the cooperation of Mrs de Portalès,town mayorof Lasserre, and owner of a lot mattering from white iron boxes, prpposed the creation of a museum of use as showcase for this collection.
The opening has taken place in 1996.
To avoid a robbery of these boxes, the city council asked the Fine Art Bordeaux, to offer a presentation discreet and reassured.
The idea of a pyramid, in which the white iron boxes would be secured and visible through small windows was retained.
Today you will be able to discover a collection of white iron boxes coming from five continents.

Contact: Tel: 05 53 65 40 04

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