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Saint Orens was born in Huesca, in Aragon towards 370, in a noble family. He should be informed by an angel of the notable destiny that the family prepared for him and preferred leaving, in order to live in a cave of the valley of Lavedan in Bigorre.
In 410, a delegation of the clergy and of the people of Auch came to search him to proclaim him bishop.
He asked the Lord to make him knowing his will.
Immediately, the baton that he held at the hand took root, spread its branches and became covered with a green foliage. Orens accepted then the bishop's role of the metropolis of the Gascony.
Theodoric, king of Wisigoths named him as ambassador towards 438 to regulate the conflict opposing against the Roman.
His prayers have allowed to Theodoric Ier, king des Visigoths, to win in 439 the battle against the Roman Litorius, which layed siege to Toulouse.
To note that patronymics Sentourens, Saint-Orens and Saint-Ourens also exist.
Saint-Ourens was Ségneurie.

Pierre d' Orlan, II of the Name, lord de Pouypetit and lord of Polignac, married to N. de Lasseran.
By his testament of 1328, he founded a chapel in the church of Saint-Orens, diocese of Condom.
He wanted etre buried in the same church, at the foot of his father Gauillaume.
He asked his son Geraud of Orlan, to allocate a necessary fond for the substantion of the Chaplain.
The family still names to this chapel.
N. de Pierrefite, ancient cleans out of Pouypetit, was still Chapelin in 1761.

(Collection of Genealogies, to be of use as continuation or as supplement for the Dictionary of the Nobility 1786 with Approval and Privilege du Roi)

ST OURENS (jurisdiction of Condom 1533).






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