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Francescas is located 27 m. SW. of Agen, between Bordeaux (120 m.) and Toulouse (about 110m.)

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Region : Aquitaine
Deartement : Lot-et-Garonne
Arrondissement : Nérac
Canton : Francescas (Chef-lieu)

Francescas is bordering with the department Gers, in a valloné landscape between the valleys of Baîse and of Grand Auvignon. This bourg, founded in 1286 by Edward I of England, has kept the mediéval aspect, with the place in arcades and his houses with half-timberings, as well as the relics of the residence of Hire, lord of the place and celèbre comrade-in - arms of Joan of Arc.

Around Francescas, you can discover the rural world, which imprinted the landscape around this village, with its fruiterers' plantations, as the prunes, the apples and many others. The rich lands produce cereals, vegetables and also grapevines. The animal husbandry of the cattle and pigs brings a supplementary wealth in this world, which has been able to keep its origins, its cultures and traditions.


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