bastide francescas

The presbytery

Epoch of building: in 1867

Review: The site of the parsonage is the site of the castle of Francescas, in the door of Larque, where lived the marquis de Lussan at the end of the 16th century. In the 1st half of the 19th century, it was occupied by the community house and the justice of peace. In view of its dilapidated state, the building is left, and materials are sold from 1850.
L' ancient located parsonage street Door of Claret falling to dilapidation, the buildings rebuilding is adjudged in 1861 on the plans of Greenfinch, architect of the arrondissement; it is finished in 1867.
Description: Walls in coated limestone, cornice and cords of levels in coated brick.
wholesale trade - work: limestone; stone; coating
cover: (material) hollow tile
floors: 1 square floor; ground floor elevated; first floor relief work
representation cross
Subject: cross, support: top of door.
cover (type) croup






presbytery with garden

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