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Francescas western dancers music

In 2005, a group of teammates decides to offer, at the impulses of Monica Lestrade-Torres, a demonstration of country dance during the music festival. Four years later, the section Francescas western dancers music, subsidiary of the union of initiative counts more than 50 members.

Its president Jean Denis Armandy syas, that the success comes principally from pleasure, from friendliness, without any competitive spirit which reigns within the group. The group is always available fot any request and always willing to be part of orgaisations (demonstrations and introductions) of local holidays or other demonstration.

Courts for beginners in September

To allow new amateurs to include the section, a course for beginner will be assure, always on the principle of voluntary work, at September 1st of this year in 2O h in the hall of events.

Popular and contemporary music, the country declines is rhythmic trainante or emotional all over its origins coming from folk musics. She counts currently more than a million amateurs and in France about fifty of festivals are devoted to him; the most important of the region takes place in Mirande, the closest has Lavardac (debut in October). It is not very wellknown, that country music is part of the french repertoire since a long time some and Annie Cordy to Joe Dassin without forgetting our national rockers Johnny Halliday and Eddy Mitchell are famous perfomers.




Some videos of the country music dancers at YouTube :

Ou trouver ce vidéo line dance FRANCESCAS
Ou trouver ce video Francescas Celtic Dance
Ou trouver ce vidéo jambalaya line dance country

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