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The club of petanque was created in 1962.

Obviously they played petanque before that date. The regularization with the creation of a club members procured insurance with the license and possibilties of organizing competitions.

At the last general meeting of the Franciscan petanque club , a new office has been designated. 41 licensees, including four young, practicing at the club, but many people who participate in bowling, surely swell the number of licensees in the coming weeks. The new office has invited on Sunday the licensees , for the delivery of an outfit bearing the colors of the club, polar jackets. Windbreakers or jackets will be worn by players during competition. The members also received licenses and calendar of events. During remission, Christelle Sentenac, the new president, thanked them for their support, which included elected Soucaret Raymond, Mayor of Francescas and Christian Lussagnet, General Counsel and the generous sponsors, who support the club.

Composition of the HQ:

President Christelle Sentenac ; vice-president Daniel Cabaup ; secretary Francis Charles ; treasurer Serge Tonin.

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