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Cannes in the department Gers, near Condom

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Cannes dans le Gers près de Condom


Cannes is located halfway between Moncrabeau and Condom on the left bank of the Baise and easier to find, coming from this hamlet on the hills overlooking the valley of the Baise, a short distance from the sub-prefecture . A hamlet lost in the countryside surrounded by vineyards and smelling the soil. Cannes offers an exceptional view over the valley and invited all vistors to ballads between the castles of Armagnac.

another view of Cannes

The church

This church is part of the parish of Moncrabeau until the 19th century, it is mentioned for the first time in the thirteenth century. It is one of many churches damaged by the passage of troops from Montgomery, during the French Wars of Religion.

Beside the church was a square tower as a residence for the commander of the Templars in Gourragne, a hamlet, which is 200 m down the valley.


the square tower in cannesthe square tower in cannesthe square tower with the church in cannes


The church


The church of CannesThe church of CannesThe church of Cannes and  the entrance

The church dedicated to Saint Sernin, was built in the architectural style "First Romanesque". This style was essentially an art of masonry using the limestone in the area, broken with a hammer and built with lime, to the exclusion of anything carved. Few openings in the Romanesque style, are installed vertically in walls sufficiently thick and light inside the nave. In Mediterranean countries has been found the same kinds of churches with carved stone arches. The deforestation of the Mediterranean were the cause of the shortage of timber. But in Gascony this building material abounded. The wood frame was in this region the least expensive.
The building is characterized by a single horizontal plane of the basilica and the realization of a type of apse of semicircular shape. The apse is separated from the nave and the sacristy by a partition wall with a small door giving access to the nave through the chancel. The interior walls are completely smooth and decorated with simple ornaments painted.


The interior of the church in CannesThe interior of the church in CannesThe interior of the church in Cannes

Cannes and his church

Cannes today


At Cannes there is a field of Armagnac and the Domaine de la Brette. All buildings on the property have been reworked to install the lodgings.

Since some time an association for the protection of Cannes has been formed.
Any help, ideas and support will be welcome.
Please contact:
Jean-Michel BABOU
Président de l'Association
Des collines de Cannes en ARMAGNAC
Tél: 0685919714
Hameau de Lialores
32100 CONDOM



the hamlet Gourragne

Just walk along the Baise and the lock to reach the picturesque and historic hamlet of Gourragne, his wonderful laundry , populated by about 20 citizens. Gourragne is one of the famous flower villages of France, and was even elected the first village of France.

a house in Gourragne


A Commander of the Order of Malta had thought about doing a small farm.
The first register inventories fourteen members including Nom-Dieu and The Cavalry, each with castles, churches, mills, woods and farms. In Condomois on the Baise, the mill and the hospital of Tournaison where now stands the hamlet Gourragne, a part of it. (Gouragne on Cassini maps) ..

the wash-house of Gourragnethe wash-house of Gourragne

The hospital and the mill were named "Tournaison" It is only later that the house is called "Gouragne" and Gourragne today.
The hospital seems to have only known hosts for déficher, smoking, cultiver.The commander was partly responsible for the livelihood of the hospital. Separate management, separate Treasury, independence in accountability: these were the specifics of the Order of Malta.
Tournaison played a preventive role in cutting the meanders, because the overflow of the creek tributary of the Baise and whose waters stranding the large room of the hospital and the road to Condom and Moncrabeau.
The mill then bore the name and Torasson Cazenove and is now called Beauregard.

the mill beauregard near Gourragne

After the books, the church in Cannes also served for the people of Gourragne, and the commander of the Templars has chosen as home the square tower beside the church.

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