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Saint-Cirice (St.Cyr)

the hamlets Saint-Cirice and Gardère early in the morning

Francescas - St. Cirice; Gardère; Vialère: 4 miles

Postcode : 47600
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 60 inhabitants

Here you may find some hotels, restaurants and gite in the region

On a ridge of hills between Francesca and Moncrabeau are the hamlets of St. Cirice and Gardere. A splendid view of 360 degrees is offered to visitors, over the valley of the Pyrenees Baise, the landscape of the Lot et Garonne and the Gers, and flying over the Manors and Castles of the region.

Church of St. Cirice, the parish of St. Cirice is mentionned the first time in 1261, is a great place near Francescas and certainly worth the detour.
She was completely renovated by the inhabitants 1997, and is a must see in this region. Mainly for the frescoes, which seems to be quiet rare in this part of the Gascony.

the hamlet Saint-Cirice

Between 1887 and 2005, this village was famous for blacksmiths, who were working throughout the region and the heirs still live in this hamlet.
These old workshops can be visited and the inhabitants will welcome luckily all visitors.

They will be happy to count again the rich history of this hamlet, full of the past and lords and dukes, the knights and their king. From the hill you will be able to imagine the wild cavalcades of King Henri IV, often passing from one mistress to another.

Le pigeonnier de Saint-Cirice - Coucire

A magnificent well of the roman period and a pigeon loft of 17 century are witnesses of a rich past.

Le village Saint-Cirice

The church

L'église avant la restaurationL'église avant la restauration

The church of St. Cirice is given to the abbey of Condom in the late 10th or early 11th century, according to Durengues.
The building was probably rebuilt in the late 15th or early 16th century: this period date the stone walls of the nave and the western wall with an arched gateway adorned with moldings and topped with a archivolt and the south gate walled arched chamfered. The bell gable was rebuilt in 1821, as indicated by the date shown above the bays. In 1836, various works are performed: repair of structural, J. Sempé, carpenter, Genoa, development of the porch to the west facade, opening a window to the south poses a paneling covering and tile, building the stairs to the belfry. The choir, threatening ruin, was rebuilt in 1878 and covered with a vault of brick arch decorated with terra cotta; after a plan of 1862, the church was shorter and had a flat bed, which was replaced by a semi-circular apse. The south chapel and painted decoration dating from the fourth quarter of the 19th century. Renovations are done now

L'église de Saint-CiriceL'auvent de l'église de Saint-CiriceL'église de Saint-Cirice

Monumental painting signed L. of Gélas (Madame de Gélas, amateur painter whosechurch nearby Lahitte maintains a table IM47001077), dating from the fourth quarter ofthe 19th century. According Durengues, the "table, the work of aparishioner, Madame de Gélas" represent "the Presentation of Mary in the temple, "equally plausible interpretation.

L'intérieure de l'église de Saint-CiriceUne fresque de l'église de Saint-Cirice disparue


The forging in St. Cirice


Le marteau-pillon



Le village Gardère

After the wells and delivery of this hamlet at the end of a dead end road, was once his church. Today is the wind that tells passers-by the agony of these stones, announced the death of these beautiful cypress, resurrection uncertain of their graves, many forgotten.
In what century? How important! Under the mantle of ivy, time does not count.

La rue principale de Gardère

Above Moncrabeau, for example, the hamlet of Gardere, its castle and church were Templar houses. On the same commune, a place called Lagrangerie belonged to the order.
The old church of St. Jean Baptiste of the XI century, restored in the XVII is in ruins. In the eighteenth century, the church is mentioned among the dependencies of the Commandery 's Hospital of Argentens. It does not appear to have been vaulted.
Here you can feel the atmosphere of the past time, you seem to enter in the Middle Age, better than any book can describe.



In addition to these seven churches kept parish, there was a parish, now suppressed, named St.Sigismund of Bithère, Villers Vialère or, according to the spelling definitively adopted. The church of St. Sigismund Vialère, also built in the plain on the right bank of the Baise, still exists and is more dedicated to divine worship. Here you can discover the architectural structure of the churches and chapels in this countryside.

L'église de Vialère Saint-Sigismond

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