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Le Fréchou

Francescas - Le Fréchou: 4 miles

Postcode : 47600
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 250 inhabitants

Website: (only in french)

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the chateau of Fréchou

The Frechou is mentioned for the first time as a castrum in 1259 (750th anniversary the year 2009) held by the family of Cazenove. The village was formed around the castle, near a natural outcrop overlooking the valley of Osse. The signs are not lacking in this occupation: Roman bridge in the valley of the Osse, Visigoth tombs, burial mounds, Site de Saint Martin,............... The body of the central building date 13th or early 14th century. Beautiful example of castle Gascon.
The thirteenth century castle located in the village is built on a hill triangle completed by a pigeon loft. The sides are steep ground, lined with defensive walls below the Osse River snaking. Remains of a cemetery in the Merovingian era, the gothic bridge linking the medieval garden, which offers a breathtaking panorama of the Renaissance section of the English tour through the orangery are the rich architecture and history of this castle. He has hosted the fifteenth century the family-Monpezat Laugnac whose illustrious Francis is famous for having executed the Duke of Guise in 1588.
No longer fulfilling its role as residence, the castle still remained property of the lordship of Frechou Montpezat before being relegated as farm.Supporting the throes of this decline and in a pitiful state, Jean-Michel was able to infuse Taulet a soul and restoring all its former glory, succumbing to the charms of this fortress.

The church
Dedicated to Saint Christopher, a mural, newly discovered accounts for the Holy Christ, not on his shoulder as often described but astride his neck. The nave is the oldest part of the church gate of the 14th century, important works of late 15th, early 16th century, certainly with the help of the lords of Frechou at the same time which made important work in their castle. The vaults were restored in 1831 by Taillard, architect of the city of Nerac.
In the 19th century, raising the walls of the nave and chapels. The tower he only dates from 1888. Some elements of this tower have been incorporated in concrete in 1921 under the direction of architect Lerou (source Merimee) Christ 17th century polychrome (gift: family Baroque), entering the left.


The roman bridge

the roman bridge of Fréchou

This bridge remains an enigma! Not that we know nothing about him, but we can hyothèses that setting. There is, throughout the Valley Osse, on its right bank, just before entering Frechou, a path called Henry IV (again!). This path has the distinction of following the "Osse throughout its course and always above the highest water of the river. This road is one component of the famous track" Terranèze. "Indeed, all these paths to Compostela were far to be unique itineraries, but the routes "bis" were numerous. Not because of a bison by smart at the time, but it would sometimes avoid areas in war or other tribal battles! It is also that at the height of the Roman Bridge, on the left bank, was the Gallo-Roman villa of Niné. On the other hand, the road crossing the valley at the height of the Roman bridge is paved as were the Roman roads and pavements. Finally between the "Roman Bridge" and the Gallo Roman Niné was the mill so-said "the Frechou." The "Roman Bridge" is actually a bridge over the Osse dam that regulates water from the river and the towards the forebay of the mill. Then, mix all this information, these facts and let your imagination ......... But the visit is deserved, and accessed by a footpath signposted from the Road to Frechou Artigues.

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