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the village Gazaupouy

Francescas - Gazaupouy : 4 miles

Postcode : 32480
Region : Midi-Pyrénées
Department : Gers (32)
Population : 297 inhabitants

Leisure activity: green tourism, public tennis court
Economic activity: tourism, viticulture, production of regional products.

Here you may find some hotels, restaurants and gite in the region

Gazaupouy is one of the municipalities in the department of Gers.
It overlooks the valley and monitors the Auvignon, the border between Fimarcon and Condomois. "Pouy means podium or top and" Gazau "could come from Gazaü, that is to say garden in Gascon.

the wall of the village Gazaupouy

The wooded area was inhabited for millennia (polished stone axes). During the Gallo-Roman period, four villas were sharing large clearings and remained long siege of habitat, worship and burial. The twelfth and thirteenth centuries, scattered populations are clustered in a secure site, the "Pouy" around a castle.
During the "English" period there were erected the towers Estrepouy and Dehes. Both are square shaped, high of about twenty feet with virtually no opening in the bottom. This is the sixteenth century to a growing population that the village grew with the birth of a new town. Castelnau the primitive egg-shaped that can compare to that of Larressingle, still retains its walls, a door arch extended by an archway. The original Romanesque church (walls, north gate topped with a monogram, windows, semicircular choir) has an impressive Gothic porch in the fourteenth century.

the door of the  village Gazaupouythe door of the village Gazaupouy in 1920

In the twentieth century his old tower was demolished to build a modern tower. Inside, one discovers in a wall, a fragment of a marble sarcophagus, four enfaux including two large, two columns with capitals musician representatives left, acanthus leaves and cherubs on the right.

the old entrance of the village Gazaupouythe monument of the death in Gazaupouy


The Tower of Estrepouy

The Tower of Estrepouy

Le petit hameau d'Estrepouy est situé à 12km au Nord-Est de Condom, et à 3km au Nord-Nord-Ouest de Gazaupouy, à la limite des régions Aquitaine et Midi-Pyrénées.


The Tower of Estrepouy

In 1279, the Treaty of Amiens handed over the Agenais to the British pound, hence the need to build watchtowers on both sides of the border. The tower is a rectangular building with three floors separated by floors and ground floor. The first floor is pierced with loopholes, windows and cabinets in the wall. The third floor has retained bays trefoil arch and deadly. The caps consist of berms pierced cruciform arrow slits. Below runs a line of holes putlog. Access to the walkway was by a spiral staircase from the second floor, and built into a cantilevered corner of the tower. A small enclosure accompanying this book, which was placed in one corner.



The Tower of Estrepouy 1920

The water well of Estrepouy

the water well of the tower of Estrepouy


This Tower is a historic monument since 1982.


Le château du Déhès

Château Déhès is set in the picturesque countryside of the northern Gers, the smallest French Département, lying on the borders of historic Aquitaine and Gascony. Not for nothing is the area acclaimed as the French Tuscany: rolling hills, vineyards and cypresses, sunflowers and maize fields, sleepy villages and ancient fortified towns dot the landscape. Strongly agricultural, this region is truly "la France profonde". The residents of the Gers are renowned for their longevity - surely the best recommendation for the local produce: prunes, garlic, melons, wine and Armagnac, and above all for duck and goose in all their variety.


the donjon of Déhès near Gazaupouy

The château is situated less than 30 minutes drive south of Agen, just outside the village of Gazaupouy. which is clearly visible across the fields and vineyards; audible too, as the church bells carry in the clear air. Isolated it is not, as there are farms dotted all around. The nearest building, the maison de Déhès, housing the former caves to the Château, is just visible to the left of the big umbrella pine in the picture below. Now quite separate from the Château, it is also used as a second home and for holiday lets and is unlikely to disturb you.


the donjon of Déhès near Gazaupouy

The medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, popular with walkers, lies not far distant passing through the World Heritage Site village of La Romieu. Only a few minutes drive away la Romieu is the place to buy your breakfast croissants as it has both a small shop and an excellent boulangerie.
Only ten kilometres away is the picturesque market town of Condom, with excellent day-to-day shopping and a regular and thriving market.
There are many excellent restaurants in the area, giving ample opportunity to sample all the local delicacies. Eat at a local hostelry or dine with a Michelin star!
Quite apart from ancient bastide villages, and châteaux and churches that are well worth a visit, the area is superbly suited to painting and drawing, walking and horse riding, or why not take advantage of the two adult size bicycles that are provided for your use.

Today, Mr. George Bassié is the owner of the donjon which became a gite for tourism
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