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Francescas - Lamontjoie: 9 miles

Postcode : 47133
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 509 inhabitants

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the village Lamontjoie

The bastide

History and present of a village in the Lot and Garonne in Aquitaine, whose heritage must be a part of his futur, remains a part of the Chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostella and is on the long list bastides, guiding you from the Department of Aquitaine to the region Midi Pyrenees.
The old La Bastide Saint-Louis Montjoie was founded by Philip the Fair in the late thirteenth century, and remains a beautiful part of French heritage where life is good with its festivals and cultural events.
Today again this flowered village offers attractions for tourism as a walk around the lake, the discovery of St. Vincent de Lamontjoie on the heights, meeting with Pellerin of St Jacques de Compostela and especially the castle Escalup.


Fortified house so called Chateau d'Escalup

This fortified house consists of a square tower and a main building or room and built in the XIV century.
The main room currently has four levels: the first two levels drilled days seem narrow for the storage, the 3 rd, pierced by large openings in the rear arches which seem original and has a fireplace, is a level of housing, 4 nd was provided with latrines and a central pillar
supports the floor of the 3 rd level, the tower with large windows and late chimneys, was leveled to the height of the main building, access was by the house two doors south arch, flanked by tower, a wooden staircase should serve the story up to the 3rd level where a stone spiral staircase is built into the thickness of the walls of galleries exterior wood probably existed north and
west where there are still lines of crows. Escalup family, mentioned at the beginning of the fifteenth century, owned a large estate in the jurisdiction of Lamontjoie.
The northern wall is window was rebuilt in the XVI century. In the seventeenth century, is owned Escalup Malvin, who are making arrangements: cross the 4 th level, chimneys against the west wall, division into parts or apartments.

The outbuildings date from the eighteenth century.
During the Revolution, the buildings, described as historic mansion tours and small, are no longer inhabited: the land was held at the field-Ferbos Magnos, such as the castle of Marino. The roof collapsed.
Staircase in the thickness of the wall between the tower and the room from the 2nd floor. Central pillar stone on the ground floor and first floor to support the 3 rd level or 2nd floor.
Escalup belonged to the family of Montesquiou.

chateau Escalup

This part of French heritage, long neglected, has seen its salvation accomplished through the passion of seeing alive these medieval stone walls. Having bought the castle in ruins Escalup, they just spend their life renovating since the beginning of 2005. "It's a dream for me to live in a castle Gascon, a dream with a touch of madness I think, but today what happiness to know that water can no longer alter the solid walls of this old building several centuries ... hope she can still live at least as much time "we humbly entrust the owner. "For the record, I do not feel squire, however, because throughout the construction period of coverage, we lived in all parts of the castle, even in the outbuildings and stables, and I dreamed that too ... " continues our host.

The church

In the central square, the Church of St. Louis of the 13th century was rebuilt and enlarged in the 15th to the 16th century. Demolished in the 19th, the tower and west facade were rebuilt in 1900, without sagging or ornamentation. She kept a nave 32 m long with side chapels, and a remarkable decorative cherubs and fabulous animals on pellets and gorgets capitals. The furniture of the church is very rich: it has more than twenty items listed or registered, including: a shrine - a shrine of hand given by St. Louis Philippe le Bel (copper and gold Limoges enamel, a lectern of Louis XIV gilded wood, a door-Louis XIV votive candles, a wooden altarpiece 17th golden fence choir, a tabernacle, a Virgin and Child 17th ...

the church Lamontjoiethe interior of the church in Lamontjoie


Very nearby, only 2 miles far, you will find Saint Vincent de Lamontjoie (Lot-et-Garonne)

the hamlet St. Vincent de Lamontjoie

Francescas - St. Vincent de Lamontjoie: 9 miles

Postcode : 47310
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 50 inhabitants

On a the highest hill, dominating Lamontjoie, his lake and the valley, you can't miss St. Vincent de Lamontjoie, which is a hamlet located in the department of Lot-et-Garonne (Aquitaine region). The village of St. Vincent would be built on the ancient Roman site of VEZIAC and belongs to the canton of Francescas and the district of Nerac.The view is magnificent, not to be missed.
The small road between this village and Le Nomdieu you will be on one of the most romantiqe roads of Gascony. After each turn there is a farm or manor house, surrounded by fields of flowers, small forests and lakes. A perfect way for bycicle.

The church


The church of St. Vincent de Lamontjoie

The initial construction date of the twelfth century and then rebuilt in 3 quart  in the year 1863.  The bell towerand the western elevation has three semicircular arches date from the 12th century. on parts of the time the archers are still visible. Sarcophagi were found nearby (depositedin the cemetery). In 1802, the parishes of Caubiet,
Saint-Lary and Bonnefond annexed thereto. In 1842, the roof has long since collapsed.

The interior of the church in St. Vincent de LamontjoieThe interior of the church in St. Vincent de LamontjoieThe interior of the church in St. Vincent de Lamontjoie

Château St. Lary

The body of this rectangular building with the flag of stairs and the turret on the northeast corner, were built in the first half of the 17th century. The turret is equipped with loopholes; the staircase has been restored, except the part still in the attic joists. Housing from one room to the east of the courtyard, with a window through it, seems contemporary with the mansion. Bernard's family is mentioned as the owner of Saint-Lary mid-17th to late 18th century the area then passes to Pesquidoux. The building is increased in the late 18th century a main building to the southwest, with an elevation sequenced. The home receives an interior of the Second Empire. The surface of the courtyard is lined to the south in the 19th century. In 1908, the outbuildings have been renovated, enlarged and completed around an enclosed courtyard for construction of the press, the winery, with the barn or stack storage above, development of stable and sheds, a brick and decor Stone brand new openings, and was painted on the old ones.

the chateau St. Lary à St. Vincent de Lamontjoiethe chateau St. Lary à St. Vincent de Lamontjoiethe chateau St. Lary à St. Vincent de Lamontjoie

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