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Francescas - Larroque-Engalin : 8 miles

Postcode : 32195
Region : Midi-Pyrénées
Department : Gers (32)
Population : 63 inhabitants

Leisure activity: green tourism
Economic activity: tourism, production of regional products

Here you may find some hotels, restaurants and gite in the region

the village Larroque-Engalin

Larroque-Engalin (so called since since 1595), formerly called Larroque-Fimarcon or Larroque-du-Lau, Larroque-In-Galin (1789) is one of the most beautiful village in the canton of Lectoure, west, on the road to La Romieu. In spring, streets and houses bring flowers and the romantic feeling to the visitors, which is almost symbolic for the area.
Built on the ruins of an abandoned village, Larroque-Engalin owns a castle of good looks, revised and revamped meanwhile the renaissance with a square tower and a turret screw heptagonal.
Among other sights, you can discover the church of the nineteenth century, the fountain St Jean Baptiste Saint Jouan , the monument of St. Amand (former center of pilgrimage), a few old stoned water-wells in the locality so-called "la manchette".

The village

On a country road, not far from La Romieu, we suddenly discover a diamond in its ecrain -
Engalin-Larroque, perched on a rock overlooking the valleys and farms around.
This small village stretches from west to east, a small chain of home, separated per one lane, leading from the church to the castle, a set of rare beauty, a trip to the Middle Ages living memory of a past so rich.
To the east, a door opens into the walled village and led by the single narrow street in the castle built at the opposite end of the village.

the door to Larroque-Engalin

All homes are carefully restored, the castle returns to its spleundeur all and the church surrounded by large trees invites you to relax, quiet.
Every house had a common architectural feature - the doors to the interior of each building, thus allowing passage to the Lord and his soldiers through homes to escape the observation of the attackers.
Larroque-Engalin is one of the villages in bloom, and can claim to be one of the most beautiful of France, a detour is needed for visitors and tourists eager for the beauty and charm.


the lane of Larroque-Engalin en 2011the lane of Larroque-Engalin>


Le Castle

Buily by Odet III de MONTLEZUN , in 1260 to 1280

To the east, a door opens into the walled village and led by a single narrow street in the castle built at the opposite end of the village. This castle, where time and men have done their work, does not lack a certain cachet. It was remodeled in the Renaissance era than about the middle of the sixteenth century, like most Gascon castles. But here, against many others, this redesign was smart and strong of an artistic taste.
A part of the castle is beautifully restored and serves as home to the owner. The layout of this building is original. It forms an angle whose apex is in the middle. On the line from the top are drilled charming cross-revival opening on both sides of the angle. This provision bizarre sculptures of doors and windows, turn the hex entry gives an idea of the castle had great character at a time when his masters lived.

In the sixteenth century, the renaissance also from there, a big and beautiful heptagonal tower was added to the North Block tower ... really to 7 sides, a highly symbolic figure for some, represents perfection, completeness, or coincidence ... or not the original was set and allows you to ask questions about this idea of a tower rather than hexagonal or octagonal heptagonal as was often the case. Also has benn added at that time windows and other parts of the building.
The French Revolution confiscated the building and the arms and tarpaulin during sufficiently long time the castle remained poorly maintained. However, during the Second World War, the castle will host refugees from Alsace and resistant as if the palace was in ancient times a place of deadly revenge, he eventually became a place that saved lives. The tower for its part, has been happily restored in the early 1980s, it was a shame to lose this round to the seven intriguing facets: one face for every day of the week? one side for each degree of perfection? or a face for each deadly sin?
Since the Middle Ages, Astugue family owned the castle until 1930, that it was to ceded to Del'Zovos, who is leaving this house 50 years later. Today Mr.Alexandre Schmidt is the lucky chatelain.
The castle has been listed as a historic monument since 1949!


Le château de Larroque-Engalin en 2011Le château de Larroque-Engalin en 2011>

The church


the church of Larroque-Engalin

Statue of the Virgin

the statue of the virgin in Larroque-Engalin

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