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Le Nom-Dieu

Francescas - Nérac: 9 miles

Postcode : 47600
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 200 inhabitants

Here you may find some hotels, restaurants and gite in the region

Vue sur Nomdieu

The country consists of the waters of the Garonne and Baise which were released as navigable, the vineyards of Buzet, pine forests, orchards, and is organized around the towns of Nerac and Condoms. You can hunt the pigeon, play rugby, tennis or golf, sailing on the canal de Garonne ... Sports fans or relax will find their accounts. River tourism has greatly developed in the country because it allows to admire the scenery in the country and unsuspected corners that you can not see the canal. Indeed landscaped lakes will allow you to beautiful walks, beautiful diving and various water activities like canoeing and kayaking on the Baise. Stroll along the canal, hills or in the Landes forest on horseback, mountain bike.


la mairie de NomdieuLe village de Nomdieula fontaine

The wash of Le Nomdieu

le lavoir de Nomdieu

Various tours were created to explore the region on themes such as river walks, entertainment, gourmet tour, visiting Nerac and its castle-museum Henri IV or Mézin with its cork museum. The heart of the country is to visit with an established heritage monuments including fortified Nérac who grew up Henry of Navarre, where you can walk on the old Gothic bridge, walk in his great royal park la Garenne, or visit nearby Francescas ; Vianne founded in the late 13th century and has retained its defensive towers and battlements; Poudenas and its 13th century castle with its park and the Museum of Prehistory; Barbaste; Mézin Villeneuve and his church 12th century, and Bruch. Celebrations are underway in the country with the great feast of Nerac mid July Barbaste festival, concerts, night markets, exhibitions, festival Talents Frechou, traditional market Lavardac, Renaissance Ballroom at the court of Henri IV Neyrac around 10 August.

Some historical details:

About these issues, Mr. De De Bourrousse Laffor said there was in the Lot-et-Garonne, canton of Francesca, a Commandery of St. John of Jerusalem, called Nomdieu ( Name-God). The terminals of its properties were indicated by square stones of 35 centimeters square, planted on the current boundaries of the municipalities of Francesca and Le Nomdieu. M. Bourrousse believed they bore the cross of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
It is indeed its foundation to the Hospitallers, known in these parts by a viscount of Béarn and met later in favor of his descendants.

The church Saint-Laurent.

L'Eglise de Nomdieu

The Commandery of Knights Templar founded in the wake of Don Gaston V of Béarn and aunt Gilia Beauville to 1154. The church was consecrated before 1170. Donations increase capital in the second half of the 12th century. In the 13th century, Nomdieu includes a community of brothers and a hospital. The south-east building with twin bays date from the 13th century. According to a report of the 17th century, the house had five floors with a spiral staircase: the house was in the 3rd and 4th, above the cellar prison and granaries in a walled courtyard, were castle cellar , juicer, stable, oven, sink, barn, church and cemetery. Jean Pol Cardeilhac of Ozan restores to the late 17th century. It is divided and sold to the Revolution. In 1851, the school hall was built on plans Menjoulet architect at Nerac, the location of a building acquired in 1843, the foundations are preserved. In 1860, the town decided to restore and enlarge the church. The castle built against the church to the west is destroyed and its location used for new construction. The work is completed in 1877 by Dupin, entrepreneur, on plans Verdier, architect of the 3rd district: the walls of the nave were heightened by several meters and vault back, a partition wall a household in the old choir vestry , a body building plan centered is built to the west, with portico and steeple. In 1865, the building south-east is appropriated by Verdier rectory, and receives a staircase in the corner tower.
In 1901, a slump appears: Gouget, architect Safelane d'Agen, tie up, replace the roof with a brick wainscot, laying drains.

L'Eglise de NomdieuL'intérieure de l'église de Nomdieu

In 1794, there were two mills in Le Nomdieu:


Following the old road leading from Le Nomdieu, through the large and leads to Auvignon Francescas, you find the mill Goulard, 2 grinding mill in motion by the river, a little later (almost to the limit the common-Le Nomdieu, and on the edge of the old path), the home of Goulard
indicated in the map of Cassini and modern maps. This modest dwelling, which has probably succeeded to the old castle is next to the field Tenclos PACHERIE that Sir Louis-Emmanuel Bazignan, master of engineering, Knight of St. Louis (eldest son of noble-Me Bazignan Naud, Esquire ,
Lord of Caulezon, J. Royal Francescas, and Marie-Melchior de Cambon in Arconques,
married in the church Espiens November 8, 1736), bequeathed to MM. The Peyrère mud, her small children, owners in 1870.

le moulin de Goulardle moulin de Goulard





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