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Pouy-Roquelaure (Pouy - Puy =Ce mot désigne toujours un lieu élevé)

Francescas - Pouy-Roquelaure: 7 miles

Postcode : 32480
Region : Midi-Pyrénées
Department : Gers (32)
Population : 137 inhabitants

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Fortified village, Pouy Roquelaure formerly had a castle built in the thirteenth century.
Today you can admire the neo-Gothic church of the nineteenth century, the Chapel of Rignac and the fountain and the wash.


The village

the village Pouy-Roquelaure

Pouy-Roquelaure was fortified and a castle there, not quite the same location as the current castle in 1720: it had to cross the fortified village to reach the feet of two imposing towers before forming body. The castle dates from the XV th centuries (other records say seventeenth centuries) and has undergone many transformations. At the foot of the castle at the south the village fountain looks like the fountain of Diana Lectoure, water flowing in the wash now renovated. In 1986 - 1987 he served for flushing large laundry.
To the west of the castle, the stone staircase and the vaulted door lead into the lanes of the fortified village of 1583 and inscriptions are carved above the door

The church

the new church

The stones of the church "St. Martin's Gleyse des oulmettes " north west of Marron have served to build the windmills of Venteplume.
They no longer exist the last windmill Pouy Roquelaure was destroyed by fire in 1923.
According to the Ministry of Culture, the present church dates from the 16th or 17th century. The village church was built without permission, the Prefect is did stop the work.

the cimetery, where stood the older church

In 1866 the priest wrote a letter to the Emperor, for funds, and work resumed in 1871 and 1872 the church was completed. The old church stood at 200 m against the bottom center of the cemetery, it included a nave and a bell gable (a bay, a bell) it was in very bad condition.

the church Pouy-Roquelaure

The current neo-Gothic church, the patron saints of the Church of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, they have eradicated a plague, they are on a painting of the seventeenth centuries in the church and the two windows in the heart . Four old paintings represent the Evangelists.

the interior of the church in Pouy-Roquelaurethe interior of the church in Pouy-Roquelaurethe interior of the church in Pouy-Roquelaurethe interior of the church in Pouy-Roquelaure

The Hospitallers of Nomdieu benefit in 1250 of a family member names Cover Vidal, finally in 1302 a certain Guillem Hood "that Segont esta parroquia say the hood of Poy-Cartos (Pouy-Roquelaure) admits a land of same .
An investigation ordered in 1279 about the rights of the lord of his vassals on Fimarcon gives us the names of the castles of his knights, Berrac, Saint-Martin-de-Goyne, Pouy Roquelaure or "Corrègelart", Saint-Mezard, Larroque-Engalin , Roquepine.
Castle Pouy-Roquelaure is, according to a letter drawn Gascons Roles for 1279, a well-known fortress.

the gate of the village Pouy-Roquelaurethe wash of Pouy-Roquelaure

The new castle, built in the 16th century

Le château de Pouy-Roquelaure


The older Castle Pouy in Pouy-Roquelaure, former stronghold of Bouzet Roquepine, marquis was erected in 1672, with castle, garden, three métaieries, a watermill, 403 cartelades of land, measuring Condom.
This castle had three square towers built as an amphitheater, formed a massive fortification and a good vantage point. Around 1825 the Earl of Marans owner transforms the castle tower towards keeping only from 1910 to 1915 it was again transformed. Today he is in ruins.




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