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Le Saumont

Francescas - Le Saumont: 6 miles

Postcode : 47600
Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Population : 213 inhabitants

Here you may find some hotels, restaurants and gite in the region


This small town is a charming little village of 213 inhabitants located in the Lot-et-Garonne at a height of 129 meters. It is crossed by the creeks Auvignon and little Auvignon.
Sir Bertrand Somont, knight, has been the first Lordship in 1286 and so far this the beginning of Le Saumont.
Saumont and the stunning views were a favorite place of the knights of the Temple 1300-1500. Nothing remains of their presence if not a unique underground chapel, in the park of the castle, whose walls are, alas! today, a water tank.

the village Le Saumont

According to A. Dubourg, Saumont is a dependency of the Commandery of Nomdieu;some houses in the street in the north are the remains may date from the 16th century, but the buildings comprising the village were rebuilt almost all in the second half of the 19th century.

During the Middle Ages until the Revolution, The Saumont, le Nomdieu, Bax and Beaulens were four municipalities of the Viscount and the bailiwick of Bruilhois. They were located between the two Auvignon, as are upstream of these rivers, villages and small towns Ligardes, Estrepouy, Gazaupouy,le Roumieu, Castelnau de Fimarcon, etc..

the city hall of Le Saumont with the old schoolan old etable in Le Saumont


Le Village et son histoire

the village Le Saumont

Two cities are on the cadastre of 1818: one in front of the castle was completely destroyed in the 19th century, the other a regular plan, linked to the parish church, is the present village, according to A. Dubourg, Saumont is a dependency of the Commandery of Nomdieu; some houses in the street in the north are the remains may date from the 16th century, but the buildings comprising the village were rebuilt almost all in the second half of the 19th century.

a manor in the village Le Saumont

Le Chateau

the castle in Le Saumont

According to Bourrousse Laffor, the lordship of Saumont in the 14th century was owned by a branch of the family of Albret, and then passed to a branch of Bearn. The earlier 17th century castle was probably located at the site of the west wing, whose west wall has a fruit and towers of angles circular ruin figured on Cadastre 1818. The castle was associated village, still figured in 1818. The castle was rebuilt in 1654, according to an inscription placed on the west wing ("CET 1654 for mine"), Marie-Claire de Mauleon and her husband Francis Tersac, lord of Montbérault. Sold in 1807 it was bought by Dumont and Aunac associates. In the 1830s, 10 farms, 2 watermills, 1 windmill and wood are attached to the castle, according to H. Labouche. In 1839, Rotch Barsalou, MP, visited the owner of the complex. His daughter inherited in 1887 and is engaged to important revisions completed in 1888: elevation of one storey wing of outbuildings, construction of the second floor of the house, the central staircase and fireplaces of the 1st floor.

Today the castle is a retirement home



the steeple with a bell of the churchthe church in Le Saumontthe bell of the church

Dependence of the commandery Nomdieu, according to A. Dubourg, which could confirm the lintel of the cemetery gate decorated with a Maltese cross, rebuilt in the 16th century, the bell gable stone was probably built in the 17th century; Redesign openings and cornice in the second half of the 19th century, probably at the same time as the reconstruction of the village, recent interior refurbishment.

L'interior of the church Le Saumont

The romanesque bridge located on the Grand Auvignon (Commons Saumont and Moncaut) place called Moulin neuf (the new mill) was renovated in 2009

the roman bridge

The mill of Coulaqué

the mill of Coulaqué

The mill has undergone some changes, for the windows, facing the four cardinal points and has been transformed into a pigeon loft. The north gate is surmounted by the inscription "1881"

In Le Saumont there is a nice gite. Please find hereby some more informations:

Domaine de Montauzet is a beautiful, charming 5 bedroom 17th century stone house surrounded by fields with magnificent views of the valley. The Domaine is located in the Albret country, home of Henry IV part of the beautiful region of Gascony, land of the famous d’Artagnan and also the home of the hero of the play Cyrano de Bergerac. The website:


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