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St Emilion et ses vins prestigieux, France onjour!
There is a medieval city which is not only his fame at its unique beauty ... rich history contributes even more and his name is inscribed on the most prestigious bottles of wine from this land of France, which are shipped around the world.
" Saint-Emilion, village located on the north hillside of the valley of the Dordogne is thirty-five kilometers north-east of Bordeaux, about 1 hour of Francescas. Joined in 1999 as a World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is undeniably one of the villages presenting the most famous history ... and Belle France is very proud!

St. Emilion
St. Emilions caves

Saint-Emilion has this charming and does not look like other french medieval villages. Having just suffered the scourges that have so often ravaged cities and countryside french over the centuries, the villagers were rid of the imperative necessity to ever come together around the feudal castle for refuge. Perched on a limestone cliff, is nature itself has determined the limits of the village, giving it the form of an amphitheater. It is this same nature that allowed humans to settle in the approximately seventy acres of underground hoses running through it. Above the galleries are crowded houses with a soft ocher color, huddled against each other, warm and separated by narrow winding streets and steep. Some are still covered by the tiles of granite used as ballast for ships returning empty to Cornwall after having defivered the delicate wines, if taken by the English Crown. Saint-Emilion has the charm and beauty of a land , where harmony between nature and man reign as master.

The Legend of St. Emilion

St.Emilion was born in Britain in the eighth century, in a modest family.
The count, who reigned over the province will choose him as the steward ... choices that proved detrimental to the steward that some jealous rivals accused him of thievery to discredit in the eyes of his teacher and confidant. One day while he was going to distribute bread to the poor, the suspicious Earl asked him to open his coat. Miraculously, the pieces of bread that he had hidden had turned into bundles of firewood. After this sad misadventure, the pious young man decided to go on pilgrimage. His path eventually lead him up a bit. Seduced by the serenity of the place, he decided to dig a cave and devote his life to God. After his death in 767, the hermit had performed so many miracles and done so much good about him was that he decided to give his name to the site where he had lived. Saint-Emilion was born.

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St. Emilion Village

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