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Located in the town of Castelculier, near Agen in the Lot-et-Garonne in Aquitaine,
Villascopia is an archaeological site of a new genus based on the technology of XXI century
to revive a buried world: the Gallo-Romans in the fourth century.

In 1970 out of the earth appeared a beautiful headless statue of Minerva: the Gallo-Roman Lamarque was discovered. Nearly 40 years later the baths of one of the most beautiful villas of Gaul are fully identified and staged in a show that uses technology scénovision: images
synthesis of 3D projection, a multicast revive and highlight the refinement
of the savoir vivtre of the people, who lived at the time. It is no longer simply archeology, but feelings,emotion, and poetry.

The time travel is done in three steps:

The show is called "The Baths of victorianus" is a fiction inspired by real life characters: Paulinus of Pella, the narrator, is the central figure of history. He was 80 years and in the twilight of his life. He wrote his memoirs and remembers that in the year 389, when he was 14 he went to Castelculier, with his grandfather Ausonius, the poet.

Ausone is received within three days by his friend Severus, owner of the villa of Lamarque. He hosted a banquet in his sumptuous villa. At this time, Paulinus befriended victorianus and Sabina, the children of the house. Victorianus is passionate about architecture, it is him who is behind the creation of the baths of the villa. With Friends, Paulin will live three days of enchantment in one of the most beautiful Gallo-Roman villas of Aquitaine.



The exhibition

By leaving the projection, a space museum presents a series of objects after excavation of the Villa de Lamarque since the nineteenth century: a unique set of fragments of statues, busts and conserved elements of architectural decoration ( mosaics, painted plaster, marble veneer). This exhibition aims to highlight the refinement of the decoration of the Gallo-Roman Castelculier.


Archaeological garden

The garden of the villa of the fourth century extended over 1.5 hectares. This is especially remarkable for its extensive spa area of over 1,000 sqm, which was released in 1986. There was no villa in Aquitaine with the Roman baths of such a dimension.

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