bastide francescas

In the bastide of Francescas you will find:

There were three bakeries in Francescas in 1914: Lalanne, Maurin and Salabert.
The bakery was located Sallabert Grande Rue, at the corner of the rue du Rendez-vous. The bakery was taken over by Mr. Sentis, who was the son of the family Cassède. His mill was installed in that current location, where is tofay a garage.
The farmers brought their wheat into flour that turned Sentis into bread then.
The exchange wheat cons of good bread was practiced on a large scale this time and this explains it.
After the war in 1945, Mr. Soucaret took over the management of a deposit of bread.
The bakery was taken over by Mr Sentou of Nomdieu and then Mr. Dannacher, which was the last.
The bakery was changed into a restaurant, which was taken over by
Mr Prabonne before he moved to Le Relais de la Hire.
The directory of 1914 mentions only three grocers in Francescas: Balleton, Mene, Mateyron, to whom must be added Cassede, Bush, Sallabert, Gouget-Soucaret.
In 1914, there were two butchers Francescas: Cover and Dubuc.
Two cafes and a few wine shops, completed the trade. In 1914, pubs were at the site of Lalanne, where is today the pharmacy and Labadie Ernst.
Also there were two tailors, one for women, the other for gentlemen.


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